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Two new books to transform our understanding of the Universe and radically alter our perception of life!
THE VORTEX THEORY derived from ancient yoga provides a bridge between science and spirituality.
In CONTINUOUS LIVING the physical body is shown to be scaffolding for a plasmic body – somewhat like an electromagnetic field - that carries consciousness beyond the grave. We are destined for continuous living. How we live now appears to determine whether it is in the light or the dark.
Showing the full weight of physics behind continuity of consciousness and how near death experiences confirm life-after-death, these two books could be the read of a lifetime.
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Physics from ancient Yoga brings Spirit into science. Spirit as Life in space reveals our destiny for continuous living in a living Universe and our attitude toward Life and each other decides if we are to live forever in the light or the dark. Through books, presentations and sung meditations called Sabai Blessings I am dedicated to helping those who wish to live continuously with Life in the Light. I also intend to transform farms into eco-village centres of Light where we can live in harmony with Life and supported by superfood nutrition we can be whole in body, mind and soul.

eBook - Votex Theory: http://bit.ly/1Sg1LXu    Continuous Living: http://bit.ly/1LkaCV0


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