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David Ash brings together science and spirituality from his development of the vortex physics from Yogic philosophy. Based on his two latest books CONTINUOUS LIVING and THE VORTEX THEORY, David offers talks and workshops to help us explore our soul destiny through science rather than religion. Drawing on evidence of near death experiences and a life time of research as a spiritual scientist, David is able to show that death is a delusion. There is no death, he says, only transitions in continuous living.
Realising that angels arise from the souls of human beings, in his talks and workshops David details how Earth is a womb of angels and explains how we evolve as angels in cycles of reincarnation. He follows his presentations with inspiring musical meditations called Sacred Sabai Blessings to help us connect with our innate divinity, and come into the light. 

David’s gives talks with Sabai blessings lasting one and a half hours. He also offers workshops by the sea over a weekend in Devon or a week on the North Coast of Cornwall.
David has developed the Yogic perception of vortex energy into a new way of looking at quantum physics. It is so simple and obvious anyone can understand it. It also aligns science with spirituality and places Consciousness at the ground of all being.

David also shows how the vortex as the feminine form of energy is the basis of matter; a word derived from mater Latin for mother.

David accounts for physics in terms of interacting waves and vortices of energy, and shows how all is energy and how super energy beyond common light may account for higher dimensions. This is spiritual energy. It interacts with physical matter through DNA resonance. That explains healing & natural therapies and allows for intelligence in evolution.

David uses his idea of Super Energy to explain actual and near death experiences and the scientific possibility for Continuous Living in a Living Universe. Angels, soul, reincarnation, and life-after-death come into the realm of science as it emerges the Earth could be a Womb of Angels in which each of us chooses our destiny as an angel of light or dark. During human ascension we merge with soul fragments from previous incarnations to birth as an angel. There is no judgement, only Love. The vision is enormous. The potential is huge. David’s account for the meaning and purpose of human life is convincing, compelling & potentially life changing

Poems are by Suzie Saillard Thompson.


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Physics from ancient Yoga brings Spirit into science. Spirit as Life in space reveals our destiny for continuous living in a living Universe and our attitude toward Life and each other decides if we are to live forever in the light or the dark. Through books, presentations and sung meditations called Sabai Blessings I am dedicated to helping those who wish to live continuously with Life in the Light. I also intend to transform farms into eco-village centres of Light where we can live in harmony with Life and supported by superfood nutrition we can be whole in body, mind and soul.

eBook - Votex Theory: http://bit.ly/1Sg1LXu    Continuous Living: http://bit.ly/1LkaCV0


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