Why I developed the Ash Fortified Superfoods
I first became interested in nutrition in the 1960s, when my dad added natural iodine to sugar to make sweets that would protect us from the danger of radioactive fall out during the Cuban Crisis. When the danger passed I suggested we continue with the project by replacing the minerals removed from sugar in the refining process. While my father was convinced radioactivity was the cause of cancer I thought degenerative diseases, like cancer were more likely to be caused by mineral malnutrition due to chemicals fertilisers and and processed food. Now, fifty years later, thousands of clinical studies support my teenage hunch. There is a direct link between the lack of minerals in the modern diet of processed foods and degenerative diseases; especially magnesium and zinc, essential to hundreds of enzyme systems, which are deficient in the diets of most people. I was also aware of the importance of trace elements like selenium, manganese, molybdenum and chromium. My dad bought me elemential selinium to add to my formulations. It was so poisonous he had me keep it in a safe! They wouldn't let a school boy loose with selenium these days but my Pa trusted me. 
In eight years of association with USANA Health Sciences - considered a world leader in dietary supplements - I learnt the importance and action of antioxidants as well as vitamins and minerals in the prevention of degenerative diseases. However I was never happy with taking supplements in pill form. I always felt we should be taking our vitamins and minerals in our food. I always dreamt of producing a superfood fortified with vitamins and minerals and when I was introduced to supergreen powders after I left USANA, I saw my opportunity. I realised that while supergreens were the most concentrated source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants possible in a natural diet I knew from my knowledge of nutrition they didn't contain enough to make up for the lack in a diet that includes processed foods.  
Doctors and medical experts assure us we can get everything we need from a good diet but who eats a good diet? As soon as we let refined sugar or flour products pass our lips our diet ceases to be good. Everyone is consuming the stuff. Even if we avoid it, sugar is hidden in practically every food - even many of the natural ones!  The experts warn us against taking supplements because taking vitamins and minerals in excess can be as harmful as not having enough.
It is a fine balance. What I have done is to enrich a blend of supergreens - barley grass, spirulina and chlorella - with minerals, vitamins and trace elements so you get between a quarter and a half of your daily requirement in a single teaspoon of green powder. Whereas most cheap supplements use magnesium oxide which is virtually useless to the body, I use a combination of amino and glyco chelated magnesium which are highly bioavailable along with magnesium ascorbate and magnesium carbonate. My ingredients are a lot more expensive but at least they work! We cannot afford to cheat ourselves with cheap supplements. We all deserve the best even if it costs more. Getting magnesium into the body effectively is my number one concern as a nutritionist. I wish I could use magnesium citrate but it falls to the bottom of the glass when my powder is added to water. I don't use it because there is a danger it will end up in the sink rather than the stomach! 
Along with the vitamins and minerals I add antioxidants in turmeric and grapeseed extract. The procyanidins in grapeseed extract are my favourite. I add sufficient so you get 100mg in every teaspoon of my powders. I then add more vitamin C than the recommended daily requirement because it can provide electrons to regenerate the procyanidins which are fifty times more potent than vitamin C in their antioxidant properties. I call it ART; antioxidant regeneration technology! I also include cyanne pepper, baobab and kelp powder in all my formulations.
All my formulations include the three amino acids that go to make up the all important liver detox enzyme Glutothione which is important not just to help your body clear itself of toxic substances like alcohol, paracetamol, pollutants and environmental chemicals. They are also important to make my products palatable by masking the bitter and unpleasant taste of ingredients like grapeseed and spirulina and balancing the bitterness they trick the palate into tasting sweetness when there is no sugar. Making my superfoods taste nice has been one of my biggest challenges. Glutathione is also an important component, along with selenium, in the electron transfer chain between vitamin C and the procyanidin antioxidants in grapeseed extract.
I also have a Super Spice fortified with vitamins and minerals which I am about to launch. The idea is to take half the vitamins and minerals you need at breakfast in my supergreens and the other half at night in my superspice because it is better to spread your intake of vitamins and minerals over the day than take them all at once at breakfast. 
Stay Sharp has, as well as everything I have already mentioned, wild nettle powder and in each teaspoon 250mg DMAE for the brain and the skin.
Active Sport Health has the addition of glucosamine sulphate, MSM and in each teaspoon there is 250mg DMAE which is renowned for sport.
Easy Joints has the addition of Rosehip powder as well as glucosamine sulphate and MSM.
Supreme is my favourite for flavour and excellence. In addiiton to my basic formulation Supreme contains a spectrum of herbs for balance and immune support. It includes in each teaspoon: 200mg Schizandra, 200mg Ashwagandha, 200mg Shatavari, 200mg Siberian ginseng and 200mg Gingko biloba.
If the physical body is scafolding for the soul then it would make sense that good nutrition is an important part of soul development. If the psychsomatic principle is true then a healthy body will lead to a healthy mind because a healthy mind is essential to soul development, Do we love the priceless gift of a human body sufficiently to take care of it properly. All the body needs is good food and water, fresh air and exercise, and loving thoughts to thrive and survive in health until a ripe old age. 
The ideal is for us all to have access to land where we can grow our own organic fresh fruit and vegetables. That is why I am on a mission to secure farms to set up eco-villages where people can regenerate in the summer months close to nature enjoying food straight from the garden. Until then the best I can offer is supergreens fortified with vitamins and minerals, enriched with ART regenerated antioxidants and complimented with amino acids and kelp from the sea.
So enjoy my nutrition as well as my physics and philosophy and enjoy living continuously in health, happiness and peace now and forever.
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Physics from ancient Yoga brings Spirit into science. Spirit as Life in space reveals our destiny for continuous living in a living Universe and our attitude toward Life and each other decides if we are to live forever in the light or the dark. Through books, presentations and sung meditations called Sabai Blessings I am dedicated to helping those who wish to live continuously with Life in the Light. I also intend to transform farms into eco-village centres of Light where we can live in harmony with Life and supported by superfood nutrition we can be whole in body, mind and soul.

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